Winner of 1999 Photonic Circle of Excellence Award

PicoStar HR                                         FLYER                                       Data Sheet

minimum gate width: 200ps                         trigger frequency: up to 110 MHz                gain modulation: up to 1 GHz                      Upgrade: 80ps @ up to 10kHz                    Accessories: delay unit, delay generator,      optical trigger unit, trigger resynchronizer       Software: Windows compatible 32 bit DaVis software for camera function and peripheral device control, image processing and analysis.

PicoStar UF:                                                                                      Data Sheet

  • minimum gate width: 50ps
  • trigger frequency: up to 1kHz
  • image intensifier: GEN II or GEN III
  • photocathode size: 12mm
  • spectral response: 200-900nm
  • sensitivity: single photon range
  • dynamic range: 12/14/16 bit

PicoStar:                                                                                           Data Sheet

  • minimum gate width: 80ps
  • trigger frequency: up to 10kHz
  • image intensifier: GEN II or GEN III
  • photocathode size: 18mm
  • spectral response: 200-900nm
  • sensitivity: single photon range
  • dynamic range: 12/14/16 bit



Fluorescence Lifetime

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Time-Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy

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Single Molecule/Quantum dots/Nanocrystals

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Semiconductor/OLED Characterization

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Ultrafast Magnetization/Time-Resolved Kerr Microscopy

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Plasma Spectroscopy/Kinetics/Time-Resolved Spectroscopy

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